Dens-A-Can, International

Dens-A-Can, International

- Model DAC 3000 - Direct Charge Densifier For Steel & Aluminum Cans



DENS-A-CAN DAC 3000 densifier is specifically designed to density ALUMINUM and STEEL food or beverage containers into high density interlocking biscuits that meet the aluminum and steel industry requirements. The DAC 3000 will also process full beverage containers, trim stock, aerosol cans and like materials. Along with the high density biscuits, the DAC 3000 will process tin food containers into low density biscuits approved by the detinners. The process of switching from the high density biscuit to the low density biscuit is done by simply turning a switch on the control panel. Being direct charge makes the DAC 3000 well suited for a surge/storage hopper, in which the DAC 3000 is placed directly beneath a surge hopper. The 3000 may be purchased with an optional stand-alone separator.

The DAC 3000 is designed for the larger processor of cans. The DAC 3000 minimizes strokes and gets maximum production with fewer moving parts. Like all DENS-A-CAN equipment, it is simple to operate, highly reliable, and easy to  maintain.

  • Fully automatic with manual override switches.
  • Two convenient density setting options    from the control panel: one for aluminum, the other for steel cans.
  • Automatic biscuit size control, automatically adjusts for whole, mixed, or flat cans.
  • Agitator system breaks up can bridging even from the largest of surge hoppers.
  • Thermostat controlled heater and self contained cooler/filtration system.
  • High and low oil temperature protection.
  • Latest electronic and hydraulic controls  utilizing tie rod cylinders.
  • TEFC motors and sealed electrical enclosures.
  • Reinforced heavy duty compression chamber with tongue and groove tracking system eliminates cylinder rod lift.
  • Four edged hardened tool steel cutter bar.
  • All components are easily accessible with fewer moving parts and sensing components. Wear areas are bolted for ease of service.

The DAC 3000 Direct Charge densifier is perfect for the larger processor and material recovery facility, that needs a fully automatic high production densifier.

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