Digestible Carbohydrates



Providing animals with healthy sources of energy. Especially for young, weaning livestock it is important to ensure a high energy intake that can substitute the mother’s milk. The enzymatic activity has to change from a fat digestion towards a carbohydrate digestion. High digestibility, enhancing the animal’s appetite, the reduction of diarrhoea and a balanced and prolonged energy supply are the main factors that have to be kept in mind here.

  • BENEO provides two unique ingredients that are fully digestible energy sources – which make them an ideal solution for young, weaning animals like piglets, for instance. 
  • BeneoCarb S is a unique low glycaemic sugar syrup, made from pure beet sugar. It has a sweet, honey-like taste and can be used to improve the organoleptical profile of animal food. 
  • The good nutritional and organoleptic profiles make our rice starches and flour an ideal source for young animals.

BeneoCarb S is ideal for feeding lactating sows, veal calves and piglets. It can also be used as a source of energy for dairy cows and as a low glycaemic energy source for horses. 
Rice flour can be used as highly digestible energy source in the diets of young piglets.

  • Balancing and prolonging energy supply
  • Enhancing appetite and feed intake
  • Facilitating quick recovery from stressful events (such as weaning)
  • Offering a good organoleptic profile
  • Reducing diarrhoea (rice carbohydrates)

  • BeneoCarb S
  • Helping to obtain optimal pellet quality
  • Promoting Maillard reactions
  • Reducing water activity

Rice Starch

  • Allowing the production of “all natural” products (clean label)
  • Convincing through good binding properties in wet pet food applications
  • Featuring small granule size
  • Increasing durability and floating capacities of fish food in water

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