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The new benchmark for speed with highest resolution and performance: The Dimension FastScan delivers, for the first time, extreme imaging speed without loss of resolution, loss of force control, added complexity, or additional operating costs.

This tip-scanning system provides measurements on both large and small size samples in air or fluids. With the FastScan you can achieve immediate atomic force microscopy images with the expected high resolution of a high-performance AFM, all in a single system. Whether surveying a sample scanning at >125Hz to find the region of interest, or scanning for detail at 1-second per image frame in air or fluids, the Dimension FastScan will redefine your AFM experience.


Enabling High Productivity

  • Work hundreds of times faster with fast scanning rates up to frames per second, automated laser and detector alignment, comprehensive work flow and smart engaging
  • Built-in measurement automation software in conjunction with higher speed ScanAsyst provide exceptional measurement confidence and repeatability

Providing High Resolution

  • Precise force control at the tip renders high resolution and long tip-life
  • Low-noise, temperature-compensated sensors in the scanners maintain sub-nanometer noise levels

Delivering High Performance on Any AFM Sample

  • Closed-loop Icon and FastScan scanners keep vertical noise below 30pm and 40pm, respectively, as well as high accuracy with ultra-low drift
  • Sample from subnanometer to hundreds of nanometers in height without loss of resolution

Whether using the Icon scanner with ultra-low noise and high accuracy, or employing the FastScan scanner for high scan rates, the Dimension FastScan system will expand your laboratory’s capabilities beyond that of any other single instrument you can purchase.

Dimension FastScan System Configuration:
(1) Acoustic and Vibration Isolation Enclosure; (2) Scanners; (3) Ultra-Stable High-Resonance Microscope Base; (4) 30” Monitor and FastScan NanoScope Software; (5) Computer; (6) NanoScope V, Stage Controller and HV Amplifiers

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