- Model DD 4x6 - Downdraft Table



This dual operator, DD 4x6 downdraft table provides hands free capture-at-source, allowing welders and grinders to remove dust and fumes anywhere over the ventilated work surface. Depending upon application, the table can be outfitted with the welding grinding and deburring kit, the plasma cutting kit, the spray painting kit or many other built-to-order configurations. The 4’ X 6’ Downdraft table features a standard 3 phase 7.5HP motor which can be upgraded to 10HP providing adequate suction for a backdraft hood module or a dampered extraction arm installed on the downdraft table. Extraction arms and backdraft hoods allow operators to remove dust and fumes further away from the table surface when working on large parts.

  • Automatic self-cleaning for easy maintenance
  • Dual work cells for increased productivity
  • Capture-at-source for Cleaner Air

  • Flexible 48' x 72' dual-cell worksurface
  • Self-Cleaning Filter System 
  • Built-in spark arrestance system
  • High Capture Face Velocity (300fpm)
  • 7.5HP TEFC Motor producing 4800 CFM of airflow
  • Dual exhaust mufflers standard
  • Nanofiber media filters
  • Dual and single operator enclosures available

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