Double Duty Aquabolt


Resolve extreme saline water with Magnation’s double duty Aquabolt™. Aquabolt's static mixing with double Rainbolt magnetic treatments amplifies vortexing technology, invigorating and liberating previously bonded molecules for a more productive, active and life-giving water. Available sizes include 3/4', 1', 1.25' and 2' diameters. Mixers available in stainless steel or clear PVC. Stainless steel mixers range in length from 7'-17' (177.8 mm- 431.8 mm), clear PVC mixers range in length from 9'-19' (228.6 mm-482.6 mm). Magnation double treatments available in stainless steel, aluminum or PVC. Easy to use and long lasting, ROI is typically within one year. With an expected lifespan of 10-15 years, enjoy the benefits year after year. Magnation enables you to do more with less, sustainably.

  • Keeps sprayer parts, emitters and nozzles free of mineral build up
  • Reduced water, energy and chemical requirements
  • Solve hard water issues without chemicals
  • Enhanced solubility & nutrient absorption
  • Neutralize soil pH & promote soil health
  • Reduce bicarbonates and sulfates
  • Reduce spider mites and mold
  • Reduce high salts and SAR’s

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