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- Model SC1 - Industrial Vacuum Single Phase Dust Extractor



Suction Unit: The suction is provided by one by-pass motor, using carbon brushes, operated by independent switches and placed inside a sturdy and noise reducing plastic casing. The motor head is filled with noise reducing material, in order to limit as much as possible the level of noise, and designed in order to convey the exhaust air towards the ground, so as not to bother the user and not to raise possible dust in the neighboring area. The control board includes the two independent switches and a power supply light.

The filter is placed and protected inside the steel filter chamber; the polyester star filter provides a filter surface of 6.000 cm2, and a high filtration efficiency (class M, 1 micron) An additional H14 / HEPA filter guarantees the filtration of the smallest dust particles. The new SC1 filter cleaning system allows the user to clean the filter efficiently just pulling up the manual flap on the chamber 5 times while the vacuum is working. This simple operation will keep filtration capacity and suction performances at their maximum level. The suction inlet (Ø50 mm. diameter with hose connectors down to 38 mm.) is tangential, with an internal cyclone slowing down the incoming dust and reducing its clogging effect on the filter.

The collected material is placed inside a drop down bin mounted on wheels (13 liters capacity), which makes it possible to dispose easily and safely of the sucked material, possibly collecting it directly into a disposable bag. The vacuum is mounted on a sturdy steel chassis; all steel parts of the vacuum are epoxy painted.

  • Voltage: 110 Volt
  • Power: 1KW
  • Max vacuum rate: 2500 mmH2O
  • Max air flow rate: 180 M3/h
  • Filter Type: 2 + Cartridge HEPA /Polyester
  • Filter Surface (cartridges) : 6.000 + 20.000 Cm2
  • Filter efficiency: M + HEPA
  • 99.9995% on 0.18 CAT (BIA)/micron
  • Capacity: 13L
  • Suction Inlet: 50
  • Noise Level: 72 dB(A)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 38 x 48 x 80 cm
  • Weight: 20Kg

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