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- Model PLµS 32™ - Digital Nuclear Control System



PLµS 32 is an integrated control system designed specifically for the nuclear power generation industry. PLµS 32 provides a complete spectrum of functions including loop control, logic, analog and sequential control, and data acquisition and management. The hardware and software modularity of PLµS 32 provides architectural solutions that range from control of a single sub-system to complete Balance of Plant for the power generating plant. PLµS 32 uses the same set of hardware and software building blocks and design procedures for all applications.

PLµS 32 encompasses a fault-tolerant architecture that provides redundancy for all data paths and a dedicated microprocessor for each control loop. The system can be configured to be highly distributed with I/O and control functions located in the field, or highly centralized with all I/O and control functions located in one area without degradation in performance.

Each PLµS 32 Control Cabinet can service up to 48 digital or analog loops in any combination. The configuration of the PLµS 32 Control Cabinet is highly flexible because all Control and I/O modules are generally interchangeable within each card slot. Multiple field termination options are available, which can be located within the PLµS 32 Control Cabinet or within an adjacent PLµS 32 Termination Cabinet.

The PLµS 32 system provides operator interfaces ranging from traditional push buttons, indicators, and auto/manual stations to a state of the art safety rated Video Display Unit (VDU) providing virtual touch screen control for all plant operations. The VDU provides the operator with real-time access to critical operating information through an advanced display management system.

The PLµS 32 family of products provides several gateways, ranging from RS-485 serial, to high speed network connectivity. These gateways can connect safety equipment to other safety equipment, or safety equipment to non-safety equipment. The safety to non safety gateways are one-directional from safety to non-safety.

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