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- Reactor Coolant Pump Speed Sensors



Magnetic sensor that self generates an AC signal output with frequency and or amplitude proportional to pump rotational speed. The ferromagnetic pole pieces that are on a cylinder attached to the pump rotor produce a pulse output when they pass by the sensor that is installed in the well.

Commercial Sensors And Transmitters
DRS-CCI has a long history of providing Instrumentation and Control equipment for numerous applications. DRS-CCI has designed, qualified and manufactured components and systems for some of the most critical control applications around the world. DRS-CCI sensors and transmitters are designed and qualified to operate in extremely adverse environmental conditions encountered in both primary and secondary plant applications. DRS-CCI sensors and transmitters are highly accurate and will operate continuously for decades in critical applications. Longer life corresponds directly to lower overall operating costs through the elimination or reduction of periodic transmitter replacement due to high temperature or radiation degradation over the life of the plant.


  • The function of the pump speed sensor is to produce an AC signal whose output is linearly proportional to pump rotation speed
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Safety related/class 1E
  • IEEE 323 and 344
  • Preamplifier signal conditioner is also available

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