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STERELA has teamed up with Dini Argeo, an Italian company specialised in the design and construction of weighing scales and systems, to offer you 'Low Speed Weigh-In-Motion' (LSWIM) products.


STERELA, a company specialising in High-Speed Weigh-In-Motion (HSWIM) systems, has teamed up with Dini Argeo, an Italian company specialising in the design and construction of weighing scales and systems, to offer you DTW platforms, a product using innovative technology designed and created specifically for weighing 'in situ'.

DTW platforms are used in all applications where it is necessary to weigh with speed and simplicity vehicles such as trucks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or more axles, tanks, containers, on industrial premises and in the flow.

Completely innovative, the MOBILE double path weighbridge (DTW) is easily installed with a simple forklift truck thanks to its low height and low weight.

This UNIQUE design weighbridge is the most effective solution for both fixed installation and mobility. It is designed around quality materials which ensure durability and longevity.


Versatile and accurate platforms, adapted to each type of application, ideal for modern industries, agriculture, construction sites, sorting centers, ports, etc. where the need to save space or to quickly change logistics positions to work in the flux.

Extremely compact: 20 cm at the top. Space saving when mounted on the roadway, civil works reduced built-in when mounted in the floor.

Robust track checker plate, composed of oversized modules to support the weight of all equipment, basic construction set by Directive 96/53 / EEC (maximum axle load for vehicles only transiting in Europe).

The process of sandblasting and epoxy of two components paint give high resistance to corrosion. The DTW weighbridge can be installed posed on the floor or embedded in the HHT.

The inlet and exit ramps its reinforced, for mobile or fixed installation (optional) .Weighing system with oscillating load bars (patented system) with integrated abutment for compensating the braking/acceleration and with support plates with anti-slip rubber.

Load sensors sealed to dust and water. Type approval performed at the factory (in combination with Dini Argeo indicator) on request. Wiring and connections sealed against dust and water.

The DTW is completely scalable. It is available in different versions: 4.5 m - 9 m - 13.5 m - 18 m - 22.5 m. Simply by adding or removing modules.

A wide range of weighing indicators is available from the touch screen to the simple input/output indicator. The weight indicator is also available with internal battery and suitcase, allowing a fully autonomous use of the DTW.


  • Two tracks, variable weighing, available in lengths of 4.5m - 9m - 13.5m - 18m - 22.5m by simply adding or removing modules.
  • Counterbored sheet track width 1m compound module to weigh all kind of machinery. (Directive 96/53 / EEC).
  • Extremely compact overall height of 0.20 cm.
  • Mounted on the ground floor or embedded in the vrd.
  • Optional reinforced ramp rise.
  • Capacity from 15,000 kg to 80,000 kg.
  • Connection to the main weight indicator wired or wireless. Factory-type approval with the indicator chosen when ordering.
  • Waterproof stainless steel load cells (2 bridges - 4 bars weighing 10 bridges - 12 bars weighing).
  • Version for internal or restricted use, dynamic weighing axles.
  • Finished with sanding process and bi component epoxy paint for higher resistance to corrosion.


  • Check the weight of the material transported by vehicles and perform simple input / output controls or transport of goods.
  • Check the weight of rolling loads in order.
  • Calculate the coordinates of the structure's center of gravity.
  • Weigh temporarily (crops, crops, etc.), without the need for engineering or masonry.
  • Check for any overloading of the vehicle, avoiding administrative sanctions.
  • The wireless platform, with integrated indicator, can be used individually for each type of weighing.


  • Reduced height, only 50 mm.
  • Special alloy structure, a high-strength and robust.
  • IP68 stainless steel sensors.
  • IP68 protection sensors and connectors, for use in the presence of water, mud or dust.
  • Weight indicator integrated in the platform and protected through an IP68 sealed box.
  • Module series of integrated radio for transmitting the weight to the remote indicator or to an external device.
  • Integrated wheels to facilitate handling.
  • Long-life rechargeable internal battery.
  • Slip rubber applied under the platform to work safely on all types of surfaces.
  • Patented technology: No. 1,342,302


  • Transportation (on request).
  • Installation (on request).
  • Kit Mobile up/down ramps.
  • Pit frame for ground installation or concrete ramps. CE-M approval level 2x3000e double (on request).

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