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Reliable storage and transportation of Powders, granules and liquids. With a reputation for providing long and dependable service and real value for money, Durabins are designed for inplant use and customer deliveries of powders and granules. Durabins come with a variety of inlets, outlets and optional extras to match the bin duty required, we can tailor bins to meet your specific needs.

Durabin Advantages:

  • Greater Flexibility than full bulk containers
  • More efficient than sacks, drums and FIBC's
  • Easier and safer to handle
  • Cheaper and more durable than metal IBC's - Inexpensive and flexible alternative to silos
  • Wide variety of inlets, outlets and vents

Capacities: 0.71-3.22 cubic metres/25-114 cubic feet
Materials: Food grade linear polyethylene, heavyweight 6mm wall thickness as standard

  • Painted or galvanised mild steel box section.
  • Stackable to four high.


  • Frames and bodies available in a wide range of colours including specials to match the colour of contents and semi-translucent to see level of contents.
  • Aluminium, stainless steel and fully welded frames are also available.
  • Frames can be fitted with castors; lifting lugs; four-way entry fork loops or two-way fork channels; card holders.
  • Company or product name or logo can be moulded into the body of the container.
  • Our standard 6mm wall is already thicker than most of our competitors, heavier wall thicknesses are available if required.
  • 35, 45, 60, 70 degree discharge cone angles available to suit the flow characteristics of the product being handled.
  • Coding bar system to prevent cross contamination of different products.
  • Sequential numbering system.
  • Frame walkway to assist 'on-vehicle' loading.

Inlet Options:

  • 150mm (6inch) diameter screwed lid.
  • 350mm (14inch) diameter screwed cap lid.
  • 450mm (18inch) diameter lid with closing rings.
  • 450mm (18inch) diameter drop on lid.
  • 1 metre diameter drop on lid.
  • Full open top with drop on lid.

Outlet Options:

  • 200 or 300mm (8 or 12inch) diameter slide valve.
  • 300mm (12inch) square slide valve.
  • 250mm (10inch) diameter closure with polypropylene draw string.
  • 200mm (8inch) diameter Mucon iris valve.
  • 200mm to 50mm vacuum discharge cone.

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