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- Model SW20RHS - Large Capacity Refrigerated Floor Centrifuge



SW20RHS is powerful, easy-to-use large capacity refrigerated floor centrifuge that allows you to separate blood components quickly and cost effectively while ensuring product quality, safety, and GMP compliance. SW20RHS is specially for blood bags application with its outstanding performance, which makes SW20RHS a best choice for blood bank usage.

High Performance

High performance and large capacity of the centrifuge satisfy the stringent requirements of blood bank and biotechnology products manufacturing.

  • Max. speed at 4,000 rpm
  • Max. g-force at 5,260 � g
  • Max. capacity at 12 x 450 ml

Advanced Induction Drive

With its advanced induction drive, there is no need to change carbon brushes. This innovative drive provides outstanding performance and prolongs drive lifespan.

9 Accel./ 10 Decel. Profile

Choice of 9 acceleration and 10 deceleration settings allow delicate gradients and protect sensitive samples from abrupt speed changes in the crucial range between 0 and 500 rpm.

User Friendly Operation and Information Rich Display

Parameters are quickly and effortlessly inputted through the uncomplicated touch pad interface and displayed on the brightly backlit and easy to read LCD panel.

The LCD panel concurrently displays all experimentation parameters including diagnostic information as it occurs. Furthermore, once centrifugation has commenced, a real time graphic profile of the centrifugation status is displayed. SW20RHS not only has the advantage of LCD display but also has a convenient conspicuous LCD parameter monitor to display real-time running process.

Rotor Expandable System

The parameters for new rotors can be registered into rotor library.

Intuitive GLP/GMP Management Software

GLP/GMP Management software is a laboratory information system for centrifuges, providing accurate data collection. It also provides consistent process control, complete traceability, multiunit monitoring and database management with a user-friendly interface.

Safety is Paramount

SW20RHS is equipped with dual lid lock and error detection function including overspeed, imbalance and motor overheat as well as 21 types self diagnosis message for easy fault finding.

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