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The Easy Bolt provides the function of conventional nuts and bolt sets, but uses a simple lever action instead of wrenches. The Easy Bolt fits through the flange bolt holes and is tightened by simply pushing the cam lever down. Easy Bolts are constructed of high quality stainless steels, with an investment cast lever.

QED’s New Easy Bolt lowers the cost of flange installation and removal

  • Faster
  • No Tools
  • No corrosion or galling failures

Do your field crews spend too much time and money on:

  • Removing nuts and bolts?
  • Sawing and replacing galvanized nuts and bolts that have corroded?
  • Sawing and replacing stainless steel nuts and bolts that have galled?

With Easy Bolt, you can forget the saws and wrenches

  • No Tools Required
  • Investment Cast Ergonomic Handle, Designed for Maximum Force
  • Dissimilar Stainless Steels to Prevent Galling
  • Self-Locking, Over-Centered Cam Design
  • Self-Centering Swivel, Automatically Swivels into Position

The Problems With Conventional Nuts And Bolts In Wellhead Flanges

When pumps are removed from landfill gas extraction wells for routine cleaning, the wellhead flange must be removed. Often, removal and replacement of the flange’s nuts and bolts requires a significant amount of time.

When galvanized nuts and bolts are used, corrosion can make removal with wrenches difficult or impossible. Often, the bolts must be sawed off, and replaced with new nuts and bolts. This results in extra labor time and materials cost.

When stainless steel nuts and bolts are used, galling is a common occurrence. When galling does occur, bolts often must be sawed off and replaced with new nuts and bolts, again raising labor time and materials costs.

Even when neither corrosion nor galling are present, removal of nuts and bolts is a time-consuming process.

Easy Bolt Eliminates These Problems

QED’s Easy Bolt does not require tools for installation. After tightening the Easy Bolt’s threads by hand, the required amount of sealing force is obtained by simply pushing the ergonomic clamp handle down. The Easy Bolt is easily removed by lifting the clamp handle, positioning the swivel upright and lifting the Easy Bolt up and out of the flange hole.

Corrosion is not a problem with the Easy Bolt. The Easy Bolt is made from high quality austenitic stainless steels.

To prevent galling, QED uses dissimilar alloy grades of austenitic stainless steel at the threaded interfaces.

The Easy Bolt clamping force far exceeds the requirements for sealing 6' and 8' landfill gas well flanges. In most cases, no more than four bolts are needed to provide the required force in these applications. Maximum working load: 1,000 pounds.

  • Model No.: 40294
  • Min/Max Flange Hole Size in. (mm): 7/8 (22) diameter hole
  • Bolt Clamping Range in. (mm): 2.12-4.19 (54-106)
  • Materials of Construction: Stainless Steel

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