Eccentric Screw Pumps



Superior quality due to sophisticated technology. For 50 years BSA has been producing eccentric screw pumps for heavy-duty applications in agriculture and industry. More than 40.000 pumps have been produced and delivered so far. Due to sophisticated technologies and outstanding material the BSA eccentric screw pump is a product with high performance and an extremely long life span. The large amount of in- house production guarantees continuous quality.

For thick and thin liquid mediums
  • Thick slurry 
  • Manure
  • Sewage sludge
  • Marsh
  • Draff
  • Mash
  • Molasses 
  • Potatoe pulp
  • Starch
  • etc.

  • Agriculture 
  • Industry
  • Biogas technology 
  •  Municipal areas

Functional principle

A smooth running hollow rotor rotates in a double threaded stator made of rubber. The rotation of the rotor produces a cavity in which the medium is moved continuously from the suction to the pressure side. The delivery rate depends on the rotation speed. If the rotation speed stays the same the delivery rate also stays the same. The output pressure is independent from the rotation speed and stays the same even at low rotation speed. The BSA eccentric screw pump is self priming. 


The smooth-running hollow rotor (DBP Nr. 2108083) is manufactured in a special procedure at BSA an is absolutely brake-proof. A special coating hardens and smoothes the surface. This procedure influences the lifespan of the stator significantly, because a smooth rotor surface causes less abrasion. The low weight of the smooth running hollow rotor ensures quiet running at all rotation speeds.


Also the rubber of the stator is an in-house production. A special rubber mixture, which has been adapted to the difficult requirements in agriculture over recent decades, is responsible for the legendary durability of our eccentric screw pumps. The stator does not swell and is therefore also suitable for water.

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