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Eco Depurazione

- Model DEGP200-12000 - GRP Degreasers



The Art. DEGP200-12000 Degreasers made by Eco Depurazione entirely in P.R.F.G (Glass-Reinforced Polyester) are monobloc vertical axis cylindrical structures sized for the pretreatment of waste waters coming from kitchens (refectories, restaurants, etc.) containing a high percentage of oils and greases.

Fibre Glass reinforced plastic deflector baffles are opportunely inserted in these structures for the purpose of determining, with their geometry, a settling zone and to favour the rising (flotation) speed of the lighter substances such as oils and greases.

The output piping was opportunely designed to avoid the rising oily particles from being dragged with the clear water.

The Art. DEGP200-12000 Degreasers were designed to obtain a suitable retention time and rising speed of the oily substances, in the flotation section.

In fact, with the insertion of the deflectors, turbulent waste water intake and output zones are identified, and a central settling zone where the separation of the two phases (water-oil) of liquids which are not mixable and of a different specific gravity, takes place.

Materials Used

  • GRP (Glass-Reinforced Polyester) STRUCTURE
  • PP (Polypropylene) MANHOLES

Standards : UNI EN 1825 - 1 - 2005

Supply of DEGP200-12000 series Degreaser made entirely in GRP (Glass-Reinforced Polyester) with monobloc vertical axis cylindrical structure sized to guarantee the limits established for floating substances in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 152/06, equipped with GRP separation baffles for the flotation of substances such as oils and greases.

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