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- Model VM05-08 - Active Sludge Purifiers



The Active Sludge VMO5-08 purifiers made by Eco Depurazione entirely in GRP (Glass-Reinforced Polyester) are monobloc vertical axis cylindrical structures sized for the primary treatment of waste waters coming from civil discharges or integrated waste characterised by a strong grade of mixed type organic substances based on the various uses for which the water is destined. Inside the structure opportune deflector baffles in GRP are inserted for the purpose of sub-dividing the equipment itself into two distinct areas - oxidation and sedimentation.

the oxidation section the organic substances are metabolised by action on the aerobic bacterial flora, favoured by an intense aeration via opportune fine bubble air diffusers connected with PVC piping to a side channel blower.
The waste water coming from the oxidation section arrives at the sedimentation section where the sludge flakes are separated from the water with opportune retention times in a settling zone adjacent to the oxidation catchment area which it is in communication with via two opportunely interposed baffles. In this phase the treated water is separated from the sludge which is partly recirculated into the oxidation section via an air-lift in order to maintain the aforementioned aerobic conditions. 

The clarified water in turn is conveyed to the disposal after passage into an opportune well which allows drawing for checks on the water required by law. The treatment allows for a strong decrease of the BOD5 which influences the sludge with significant mineralisation.

GRP (Glass-Reinforced Polyester) STRUCTURE 
PP (Polypropylene) MANHOLES 

Supply of an active sludge VMO5-08 purification system made entirely from GRP (Glass-Reinforced Polyester) comprised of a monobloc vertical axis cylindrical structure sub-divided into two different sections: oxidation, for removal of the organic substances, and sedimentation, for the separation of the sludge flakes from the water; complete with waste water intake and output gates, upper compartment inspection manholes, fine air bubble diffusers, side channel blowers and connection piping. The system is sized to guarantee the limits established for civil waste waters in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 152/06 and subsequent modifications and integrations.

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