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ECO Smart

- Recycle Sanitation System


The ECO Smart aerobic wastewater treatment system is a self-contained wastewater treatment system that utilizes a combination of anaerobic as well as aerobic biological processes combined with a Nano filtration system to treat sewage. The waste water treatment system is designed to handle a continuous flow of waste water relying on bacteria suspended in the wastewater to break down solids as well as Nano filtration technology to remove other contaminants.  The suspension and aeration are provided by an air pump, which provides air to the bio-filtration process, the aerobic bacteria generator chamber as well as the aeration chamber, providing a constant stirring of the wastewater in addition to the oxygenation.

Stage 1: Sludge Box

This is the pre-treatment stage where the waste water enters the system. All large solids as well as undesirable substances remain behind in the sludge box, i.e. is separated from the wastewater. This stage acts much like a septic system where all fecal matter is contained and digested by anaerobic microbes added, preventing a solid build-up. The sludge end product formed in the sludge box is a fine soft watery mixture and continues to be consumed by the anaerobic microbes.  The sludge box is also fitted with a sludge filtering system ensuring that only the watery mixture present progress into the filter box for further processing.

Stage 2: Filter Box

The filter box contains the biological filtering system where the bio filtration process takes place. This biological filtering system consist out of 4 x aerated bio-filters which contains a media on which microorganisms attach and grow to form a biological layer called biofilm.  The waste water is applied over the media where the organic matter and other water components diffuse into the biofilm and treatment occurs, mostly by biodegradation.

Stage 3: Aerobic Bacteria Generator

Waste water from the filter box enters the aerobic bacteria generator chamber through the sludge filter where the aerobic bacteria generator, a bio-filtration system that is designed to promote fixed film bacterial growth in order to handle higher than normal levels of biomass in the wastewater, continue to break down and digest waste.  The ABG consist mainly out of a bundle of straight tubes which is used in what is called a “submerged packing process”; the wastewater is circulated through these packings under aeration so that aerobic microorganisms are generated on the surface of the individual packings (tubes) as films where various organic substances that come into contact with the films are decomposed.

Stage 4: Aeration

Waste water passes to the aeration chamber where oxygen is pumped into the waste water providing a constant stirring of the wastewater in addition to the oxygenation.

Stage 5: Settling

Clear odorless effluent rises into the clarifier chamber from the bottom up. This is the settling out phase of the system as the cone shaped clarifier ensures that any fine solids still present sink down and settle out back into the aeration chamber where it get dispersed with the uniquely cone shape bottom floor.  The clarifier also act as the anoxic zone where some de-nitrification take place, as there is no aeration taking place in the clarifier.

Stage 6: De-nitrification

The de-nitrification filtering chamber is fitted with a Nano filter (De-nitrification Filter) as well as a water circulation pump. Water passes from the clarifier into the de-nitrification filtering chamber, where the water is continuously recycled through the Nano filter by the water circulation pump, enhancing the water quality by removing phosphates, nitrates, heavy metals and other dissolved contaminants.

The Recycle Sanitation Unit consist of:

  • 1600 litre Sludge Box
  • 2500 litre Reactor Tank
  • 1000 litre Bilogical Filtering Unit

Sufficient to provide facilities for 3 x families of 6 x members each i.e. 18 people

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