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- Model 103 CE - Oil/Chemical Contamination Products


As with our other formulas, EcoBioClean®103 CE reacts rapidly to control, degrade and eliminate contaminations whether in aerobic or anaerobic areas. For closed environment use such as in holding tanks, containers, pipes, wells, onboard ships, trucks, train cars, landfills, etc. you may apply dry powder enough to cover spill or dilute 1 lb product to 20-40 gallons of native water (unchlorinated) For use in pipelines to create better flow EcoBioClean® 103 CE may be made into a slurry and poured into pipes or diluted further and sprayed by hose into pipes. Allow to sit for as long as possible – example 24 hours so that the formula can take hold and microbial life begin to multiply. EcoBioClean® 103 CE is a USDA Bio-Preferred product.

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