- Manganese

Nitrogen(N–NH2) – 3.0% Manganese(Mn) – 6.0% ________________________ Density 1.3 g/ml pH 6.5 ECOLINE MANGANESE – liquid fertilizer in the form of manganese EDTA chelates for demanding crops: rape, sugar beets, sunflowers, potatoes, grapes and vegetables. The physiological significance of manganese is his participation in redox reactions in plant cells and is connected with the activity of oxidative enzymes - oxidases. In case of shortage of the element the intensity of redox processes and synthesis of organic compounds in plants, assimilation of ammonia and nitrate nitrogen by plants are reduced. External signs of manganese deficiency: gray leaf spot of cereals; chlorosis in legumes, sugar beet and tobacco; yellowing edges of the leaves and drying of young branches in fruit crops.

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