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The KOKS EcoVac pressure/vacuum truck is designed for (heavy) industrial applications and is suitable for suctioning, discharging and transporting fluid and hazardous substances, such as liquids, sludge, fats, oils, fuels and chemicals. Specially developed for working with hazardous and contaminated substances, the truck is available in PED, ASME, ADR (Ceoc) and/or ATEX (Ex) versions and built in accordance with all applicable safety standards.

The powerful liquid ring vacuum pump allows large quantities of (fluid) substances
to be processed in a short time and then transported in accordance with current
ASME/ADR (Ceoc) regulations. The user benefits from significant time savings and a huge reduction in cost.

  • Easy control.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Built to the latest environmental and safety standards.
  • Approved in accordance with ASME American type-approval/PED or ADR (Ceoc) European type-approval.
  • Responsible transportation in accordance with ASME/ADR (Ceoc) regulations.
  • Powerful suction force.
  • Optimum balance between a chassis with a short wheelbase and maximum tank capacity.
  • Solid construction and components for high power and maximum payload.
  • High quality, long service life and economical purchase price.
  • Available as skid.
  • Ergonomic and chassis-independent design due to the multifunctional auxiliary frame and adjustment of the pump angle.

Usage pressure vacuum truck

The KOKS EcoVac pressure/vacuum truck is perfect for day-to-day suction, discharge and transportation activities, general industrial cleaning or for use in the (petro)chemical industry and in refineries.

The KOKS EcoVac pressure/vacuum truck can be fitted with various option kits that are appropriate for your needs, for industrial applications and/or sewer cleaning work.

Body suitable for
3-axle chassis with a minimum engine power output of 320 hp.

Designed and certified for
Transportation of hazardous substances.
ASME/ADR (Ceoc) requirements (for specifications refer to option ECV•16).
Tank codes S4AH and L4AH.

Pressure/vacuum tank
Volume : 12 m3, excluding the service water tank.
Material : stainless steel AISI 316 grade; material no. 1.4404.
Rear door : hydraulically opening and locking.
Emptying : by means of tipping and pressurizing.
Including : 6” suction/discharge connections, with ball valves.

Service water tank
For : cooling the liquid ring vacuum pump.
Volume : 1.2 m3.
Material : stainless steel.
Including : hinged pump exhaust pipe.

Vacuum pump
System : liquid ring.
Capacity : 3,000 m3/h.
Max. vacuum : 95%.
Drive : motor/distribution PTO.

System : rotary vane pump.
Capacity : 200 m3/h, overpressure of 2.5 bars.
Drive : hydraulic.

Clean water tank
For : high pressure pump.
Volume : 1.5 m3.
Material : stainless steel.

High pressure pump
Capacity : 30 l/min., 120 bars.
Including : hose reel with hose and nozzle.

Length : approx. 9,300 mm.
Width : approx. 2,500 mm.
Height : approx. 3,700 mm, chassis-dependent.
Wheelbase : approx. 4,500 mm + 1,350 mm, chassis-dependent.

Weight empty : approx. 15,5 tonnes, chassis-dependent.
Max. permissible weight : 28 tonnes, in combination with a 9-tonne front axle.

Standard safety provisions
Rupture disc, hose rupture safety valves on behalf of the rear door and tipping
cylinder, beacon light, emergency stop, tip unbolting protection, repair
cross beam, catwalk, rear door clamp protection, earthing reel and powder

Remaining provisions
Working light, rear bumper, stainless steel control box, hose box and tool box.
Body inspection, arranged by KOKS Group.
Instruction manual, consisting of operating/maintenance instructions, drawings
and schedules.

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