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Able to measure all utilities: The eemonitor is the only meter which will measure all the utilities: electricity, heat, and water. Allows remote credit control: The Monitor connects wirelessly via a network of routers, so credit can be monitored remotely. Tenants can 'charge up' their accounts online as well as by the usual card-based methods. In an emergency supply can be stop or reconnected remotely.


EnviroEnergy runs the billing
We already run billing for thousands of tenants, from metering to paper billing. Landlords know that outsourcing their financial operation is in safe hands. Monitoring is real time but periodic reports analyse use so utilities can plan their own energy production more efficiently.

No cabling. The eemonitor is wireless, communicating with wireless routers.

Smart Grid
The routers feed back data to our central servers, which we use to create analytical reports for customers.

Encourages Efficiency
Tenants can use the same data from the monitor to plan their own energy use, including how much carbon they're using.

EnviroEnergy is  the UK's longest-established district heating company, established in 1972 using Nottingham's Eastcroft Waste to Energy facility to distribute heat energy to the city, following an Act of Parliament in 1952. It is now an autonomous company wholly owned by Nottingham City Council with 32 employees, based at London Road, Nottingham.


The UK's longest-established district heating company has launched its own wireless smart meter, able to measure heat, electricity, and water.

From this January, EnviroEnergy Ltd's own energy monitor offers wireless monitoring of the amount of energy consumed, energy cost and the carbon impact of householders' monitored utilities; all from one device.
The eemonitor smart meter has been designed specifically to meet the needs of landlords and tenants in social housing and local authority housing environments, and is already in use in around 1,000 homes across the UK.
It has been developed using the expertise of engineers at the Nottingham-based company, which operates Nottingham's district heating scheme.

The monitor is straightforward to fit, and it uses reliable data communication to provide wireless automatic meter readings (AMR) to scheme operators and managers.

As well as being the complete energy monitoring solution, the eemonitor is designed and assembled in the UK's East Midlands, based on software developed by Nottinghamshire company Agenda Computers Ltd.

The eemonitor allows for wireless pre-payment of up to three utilities by householders who can add credit wirelessly to their eemonitor in a variety of ways including via the Pay Point  network of approaching 23,000 outlets and online, with EnviroEnergy handling the billing and payment requirements.

Andrew Estrop, Managing Director of EnviroEnergy Ltd, said: 'As the UK moves towards becoming a 'low carbon' economy, the government is supporting a major programme of smart meter installation in both homes and small businesses over the next few years.

'EnviroEnergy is well-placed to take advantage of that, as our eemonitor is the only device on the market enabling householders to check consumption of their utilities; electricity, water and heating from one complete device, as well as measuring their carbon impact.

'It's proven technology already in use in approaching 1,000 homes in Nottingham, Dundee, Walsall and Manchester. The eemonitor is designed for use within houses, flats or other high density properties with multiple occupants.'

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