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Eke Indutry Ltd. (Eke Endüstri Tesisleri Ltd. Şti)

- Water Disinfection Systems



The process of destroying and/or alternatively inactivation of disease-causing microorganisms in water and waste water are called disinfection. Disease-causing microorganisms can be categorized mainly in four groups. These are bacteria, viruses, amebic cysts and protozoa cysts.

Disinfection methods are as follows:

  • Chemical (Chlorination)
  • Physically pulling (Sedimentation and Filtration)
  • Photochemical (ultraviolet)

Ultraviolet disinfection inactivates microorganism without any chemical and oxidant addition to water .By using a low-pressure mercury lamp that produces short-wave UV disinfection systems, Ultraviolet disinfection disturb the structure of DNA and RNA, and neutralize bacteria, protozoa, viruses, molds, fungi, algae, and their eggs.

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