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- Model EXL - Electrodeionization for Power Generation



Since 2002, SnowPure has provided EDI modules for the power generation market in the United States, China, Europe, and the Middle East. With our high capacity EXL™ EDI product we are able to serve a greater share of the boiler feedwater high purity water market. Boiler Feedwater Requirements: Combined-cycle power plants and all high-pressure steam turbines require high purity water, virtually free of silica. SnowPure’s electrodeionization (EDI) and gas removal membrane (GTM) products for O2 and CO2 removal. These membranes replace traditional chemical-based resin systems and open degasifiers, enabling an environmentally superior water system. Examples of our power installations include: 821 MW (megaWatt) power plant in Texas with a 200 gpm RO+EDI system, 235 MW power plant in Poland with a 100 gpm RO+EDI system, 377 MW power plant in Israel with a 120 gpm RO+EDI system, Over 50 power plants in China.

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