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Electrostatic Filters


Electrostatic filters which has the largest availability of normal separators, can handle very high dust concentrations and high temperatures. Electrostatic filters or precipitators are used in many areas such as flue gas cleaning and cement industries. In an electric filter the gas is passing slowly about 1m/s between emission electrodes and precipitation plates where the dust is charged by the electrodes and sticks to the electrically grounded precipitation plates. A percussion tool hits the electrodes and precipitation plates so that the dust falls down to the bottom of the filter where it is collected and transported away.

  • Industrifilter offers standard models from 900 up to 1 000 000 m3/h or more per filter.
  • Very low pressure drop and good extraction for a wide range of dust types.
  • A simple system with very little maintenance and low operating costs.
  • The rugged design is suitable for a variety of problematic processes.
  • Wet electrostatic filters are much less sensitive and are suitable for special processes such as humid, sticky dust or corrosive environments.
  • Withstands high temperatures and is effective up to a few hundred degrees C.
  • We can convert electrostatic filters to hybrid filters, which takes advantage of the best of both the electrostatic- and bag filter, a normal process when renewing or upgrading.

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