- Model ICP-MS - Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer



Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICPMS) is a very versatile analytical instrument capable of trace and ultra-trace analysis and isotope ratio analysis in aqueous samples. It consists of an inductively coupled plasma ion source, quadrupole mass analyzer, rotary & turbomolecular pump for clean vacuum, easy sample introduction, PC based interface & control & Channel electron multiplier detector. Its sensitivity is 20x106 counts per second per 1 ppm of Indium and detection limits are ppt to ppb for most of the elements.

Ion Source 

  • Source Inductively coupled plasma
  • RF Power Upto 2kW @ 27.12MHz
  • Sample introduction system Aqueous samples through nebulizer & spray chamber
  • Ion Optics Double deflection type with Einzel lens

Quadrupole Mass Analyzer 

  • Rod Diameter 16mm
  • Rod Length 250mm
  • Pre-filter/post filter 30 mm
  • RF frequency 1.2 MHz
  • Resolution 1 amu (adjustable)
  • Mass range 1-300 amu
  • Sensitivity 10 x 106 counts /sec for 1 parts per million of Indium

Vacuum System 

  • Vacuum system Two turbo molecular pumps
  • Roughing pump Two rotary pumps

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