Empore Cartridges


Labs consistently rely upon Empore SPE membranes because of their time and money-saving attributes, not to mention their sample throughput. Sterlitech carries a wide assortment of Empore solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges featuring this Empore SPE membrane technology, including: Silica sorbent cartridges like the Empore C8-HD, Empore C8-SD and Empore C18-SD cartridge models; Empore reversed phase sorbent cartridges like the SDB-XC model; and Enpore universal resin (UR) cartridges. The Empore SPE membranes found inside all of our SPE cartridges also feature: Fast sample flow rates - as the mass transfer kinetics of the tightly packed particles allow recoveries that are independent of sample flow rate Reduced solvent usage compared to liquid-liquid extraction and traditional packed particle SPE products Clean eluates - the PTFE fibrils minimize fine particles, extending column life

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