ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting Corporation

- Chemical Dosing System



Our Chemical system comprises a range of automated dosing units from small to large capacity.

The range of sizes enables:

  • A whole-of-system approach to odor and corrosion control from low-flow to high-flow sections of the sewerage network
  • Cost effective odor and corrosion control for small and large sewerage systems
  • Precise targeting of septic flow sources
  • Specifically designed systems to suit your needs
  • Effective control of OHS and environmental issues


  • Suitable for long rising mains or pressure sewer systems
  • Reaction is irreversible
  • Precise dose can be administered at precise time it's needed
  • Equipment is cost effective
  • Suitable for variable grade pipelines
  • Reduces odor and corrosion
  • Reduces capital expenditure
  • Reduces customer complaints
  • Tailored dosing

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