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- Mechanical Screen



This is the most widely used screen model as fine and also coarse screen at the large and medium sized treatment plants. These can operate at very deep canals as per the demand and without being any limitation of the canal height The main application areas are domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants, lifting stations and water treatment plants. Linear mechanical screen is a mechanical equipment which is assembled to the ground of the canal with an angle of 750° and cleans the bar screen by combing vertically.

Generally it consists of the chassis, fixed screen, scraping system and garbage container. The circular motion which is provided by the reducer which is driven by the electrical motor will be turned to the linear motion at 10 m/min. and transferred to the scraper palette. All the motions of the scraper palette are automatically controlled. Scraping motion starts from the bottom dead line and ends with the transfer of the wastes accumulated at the comber to the accumulation container by the motion of the opposite scraper at the top dead line. At this model, combing motion is continuous and there is no need of the microswitch etc. equipment to start the landing motion. At the landing time, the comber will change its position, and moves away from the screen. When the straight mechanical screen stops, the comber parks at the top position and do not prevent the water flow.

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