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The environmental technical scientific assistance represents the connection between the customers and the sampling and analytical activities. The service is completed by the drafting of the analytical reports and consulting service necessary for the people operating in the environmental sector. The staff can cover all the customers’ requests of consulting and is a reference for all the national and international companies operating in the sector, such as producer companies, engineering societies, environmental management societies, private and public control bodies.

The technical scientific assistance is composed by qualified technicians specialized in environmental subjects, perfectly trained on technical regulation and specific legislation. The staff is able to give to the customers the suitable proposal for the resolution of problems related to the environment.


Drafting of analytical plans, technical reports and – if possible – comment of the results in comparison with the regulations in force for the following matrices:

  • Waters destined to the human use (well and aqueduct waters), urban waste waters, mineral water, swimming pool waters, waters used in the industrial processes, boiler waters
  • Drilling soils and waters
  • Soils and rocks coming from excavation operations
  • Agricultural soils (with eventually planes of composting)
  • Fertilizers and amendments
  • Compost, vegetable in general
  • Waste and reusable residues
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Building materials (recycled aggregates)
  • Industrial products
  • Metals and alloys
  • Rocks and minerals
  • Fuels and products of oil industry
  • Products or components (characterization and/or research of pollutants or defects)
  • Stack emission (productive chimney, waste incinerator)
  • Work place
  • Chemical and physical hygiene
  • Constant calibration and verification of the continuous measurement system

Other services

  • Annual waste report as established by law 70/1994 and following modifications
  • Drawing up and keeping of the registers of load and unload of waste and compilation of the certificate of waste identification
  • Drawing up of the documentation for the registration to the national register of the waste operators
  • Drawing up of the documentation for the collection of non-dangerous waste in simplified procedure according to the M.D. 05/02/98 as modified by the M.D. 186/2006
  • Drawing up of the documentation for the collection of dangerous waste in simplified procedure according to the M.D. 161 of 12/06/2002
  • Drawing up of the documentation for the discharge of the waters in superficial watercourses and in the sewer system
  • Drawing up of the documentation for the registration to the civil regional Engineers of wells used for personal water supplying
  • Technical assistance to public bodies during the opening of official samples and their relative analysis
  • Expert technical assistance in case of controversy with the public control bodies
  • Specific assistance for the planning of particular services
  • ADR consultancy
  • Evaluation of the security and of the hygiene on working places
  • Environmental sampling

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