Epsilon 5

The Epsilon 5 is a fully integrated X-ray analysis system, combining a unique energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, with instrument control and analysis software.

System design

Featuring a 3-dimensional, polarizing optical geometry, together with a 600 W Gd-anode X-ray tube and 100 kV generator, up to 15 secondary and polarizing targets and a high-resolution PAN-32 detector, the Epsilon 5 is designed for optimal performance across the periodic table.

The Epsilon 5 incorporates new patented* technologies that re-define 'state-of-the-art' in energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry with the technique of polarizing energy dispersive XRF. It provides high-performance analytical solutions for research and development applications, as well as a cost-effective alternative for commercial analytical laboratories.

Characterised by highly precise, sub-ppm determinations the Epsilon 5 out-performs its rivals in medium to heavy metals analysis, targeting a wide range of elements, many of environmental significance.

Sample handling

A flexible X-Y sample changer with capacity for up to 133 samples is a standard, integrated feature. Measurements can be performed in vacuum or He atmosphere, for solid and liquid samples, respectively.

Epsilon 5 software

The power and flexibility of the Epsilon 5 software are directed through a simple wizard that gives the user full control of the instrument calibration and data handling. This provides the functionality and traceability necessary for laboratory and method accreditation, a feature not always available in XRF instrumentation.

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