- Model EG- 2P8 - Long Term Erosion Blankets



Size: Available in 16’ and 8’ widths and 112.5’ and 562.5’ lengths (Custom cuts are available upon request). Plastic: 2 layers of .75” x .75” opening, heavy UVstabilized black polypropylene plastic. Thread: 1200 denier UV stabilized black split yarn. Matrix: 100% Pure polypropylene green fibers, 8 oz/yd2. Packaging: All rolls are wrapped tightly with stretch wrap to protect the rolled erosion control product from the weather and elements.

Recommended Applications: EG-2P8 is recommended for use on slopes up to 1:1 and in high flow channels.

Recommended Installation pattern: The leading edge is to be trenched into a 6” deep trench and the blanket is to be placed parallel to the anticipated water flow. When more than 1 blanket is required, they are to be overlapped 6” on all overlapping sides and tiled in a shingle type pattern as to not let the water underneath the blanket.

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