ESCO International (EI)

- Model EC-OZ/SS & EC-ST/SS Series - Ozone Generating Skid Package



The skid mounted ozone generator systems are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the disinfection and sanitizations requirements for controlled water quality standards for various industries, such as: Bottling and rinsing, food and beverage industries, pharmaceutical and chemical processes, ultra pure water in electronic and pharmaceutical sectors, hot water circuits and for swimming-pool, potable water circuits, process water loops.

The advantages offered by the ozone process are numerous:

  • fast disinfection rates of bacteria, viruses and spores (sometimes until 3.000 times faster than chlorine) and with short contact times
  • colour , odour and taste are eliminated or significantly reduced
  • active action within a wide range of temperature and pH
  • no hazardous by-products formation
  • odours are not increased or created through treatment
  • strong oxidation reactions with organic impurities

The ozone production happens using an electronic system, the corona effect converts part of the oxygen contained in the feed gas into ozone. The produced ozone is mixed with water in a contact tank and then sent to the point of use or recycled.

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