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The CPA-DW integrates Evapco's Critical Process Air (CPA) Systems with a desiccant dehumidifier to meet the demanding requirements of temperature, pressurization and air purity control with humidity and condensation control. Designed specifically for the industrial refrigeration market, CPA-DW offers complete flexibility in design, capacity and features to fulfill the most demanding applications. Every CPA-DW is constructed with a comprehensive choice of quality components integrated together to create a state of the art, custom air handling unit backed by the industry's most experienced critical process product design and system application engineers.

  • A wide array of accessories or modifications are available to suit any scenario or environment
  • Smooth interior free of potential mold or bacteria growth spots
  • Desiccant wheel sizes range in airflow from 1,000 CFM to 40,000 CFM
  • AHRI Certified Performance in Accordance with AHRI Standard 420

The CPA air handling unit is designed to condition recirculated air and outside air during production mode. Recirculated and outside air will be filtered with pre-filters, pre-cooled (optional), dehumidified by the desiccant wheel to maintain the room return air humidity, then cooled and/or heated as required to maintain the room return air temperature, and finally filtered with final filters before being supplied to the room. CPA-DW units are available with the optional economizer mode as a means of providing “free” cooling while the unit is in production mode. When conditions are favorable, the enthalpy economizer mode will open the outside air dampers on a call for cooling and close the return dampers. The unit can also control the room pressure utilizing the outside air and return air dampers to pressurize the room and using exhaust fans (remote or integral) to relieve the pressure in the room. 

During the optional cleanup mode, the CPA-DW air handling unit is designed to condition 100% outside air. The outside air will be cooled or heated as required to maintain the supply air temperature, before being supplied to the room, purging the room of moisture and chemical produced during the washing process.

EVAPCO Sanitizing System (ESS) Technology

Specifying the EVAPCO Sanitizing System (ESS) with your CPA System will virtually eliminate hazardous bioaerosols from the cooling coil/pan, resulting in hygienically clean air and improved product quality while maintaining system performance and significantly reducing annual maintenance costs.

  • Uses UVC light
  • Provides Full Germicidal Effect at Low Air Temperatures
  • 700% more effective than a standard UV bulb
  • Destroys byproducts from mold and bacteria
  • Eliminates manual coil cleaning

Interior Service Lights

  • Standard LED and Hygienic LED options
  • Available from 1000-8400 lumens
  • Unit includes a light in each section

Sure-Aire Airflow Measuring

  • Measures the pressure drop across the fan inlet venturi to provide airflow measuring
  • Accurate to within 3%
  • No increase in fan energy consumption or noise levels
  • When paired with a VFD, unit control system can vary the blower speed to maintain the desired unit airflow

Surge Drum Catwalk System

  • Fully-assembled support system for the surge drum
  • Includes OSHA ladder (with cage), full perimeter handrail and aluminum safety grating so workers can safely access the surge drum and associated valves

Motor Removal System

  • I-Beam with manual trolley designed to assist workers with the removal and installation of blower wheel and motor (as necessary)

EVAPCO Service Vestibule

  • Provides a space protected from the elements for workers to service the unit
  • Vestibules are insulated, heated and ventilated (as required)

EVAPCO Service Platform

  • Platform shares common base steel with CPA unit and does NOT require external support
  • Includes pre-cut aluminum safety grating, galvanized steel handrail system, and self-closing safety gate

Additional Options:

  • Standalone, factory installed, Allen Bradley Compact Logix (standard) or Control Logix PLC systems
  • Allen Bradley Panel View Plus HMI’s (6” standard on the main control panel)
  • NEMA 4X remote panels with push-buttons (standard) or an Allen Bradley HMI
  • Allen Bradley Power Flex Series VFDs
  • Stainless steel interior liner (dampers, drain pans, walls, ceiling and filter frames)
  • Stainless steel exterior

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