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The Parallel Hybrid Condenser line of condensers has always reflected EVAPCO’s commitment to product development. Its advanced design and owner-oriented features provide many operational and performance advantages. The PHC’s incorporates EVAPCO's Thermal-Pak II Coil or Patented Sensi-Coil both featuring CrossCool Internal Tube Enhancement which increases the internal heat transfer coefficient of the coil and thus increases the cooling capacity of the unit.

  • Great for large industrial refrigeration projects
  • The Parallel Hybrid Condenser offers great flexibility of layout and system design for a variety of situations
  • Ranging in capacity from 208 to 2,050 nominal tons
  • IBC Compliant – Independently certified by the International Building Code to withstand seismic and wind load forces in North America
  • Available with FM Approved Construction


Hot gas discharged from the compressor enters the condenser coil inlets at the top of the unit. Cooled water from the unit basin is pumped through spray distribution nozzles and floods over the condenser coils. Ambient air is simultaneously drawn into the unit at the top in parallel flow with the water through the coil. A portion of the recirculated water evaporates into the air stream, removing heat from the refrigerant and causing it to condense.

The cooled refrigerant liquid drains out of the sloped coil tubes into a pressurized receiver for return to the system. The recirculated water that did not evaporate falls through a crossflow fill section located below the coil. Air is drawn through the side of the unit and fill section, removing additional heat from the water through further evaporation. The cooled water collects in the basin for recirculation over the coil.

The hot, saturated air from both the coil and fill sections passes through internal drift eliminators to strip water droplets entrained in the air stream, reducing water consumption. The unit fan(s) then discharge the saturated air out of the top of the unit at a high velocity, where it dissipates into the atmosphere.

Thermal-Pak II Coil

EVAPCO's Thermal-Pak II coils feature a patented design which assures maximum cooling capacity. The airflow through the coil is counterflow to the fluid flow, providing the most efficient heat transfer process. A special coil design is utilized to reduce the air pressure drop through the unit while maximizing tube surface area and increasing its heat transfer capabilities.

  • Elliptical return bends allows for more circuits per coil bundle increasing the maximum capacity per footprint
  • Coil located in airstream increasing dry bulb switchover temperature
  • CrossCool Internal Tube Enhancement increase fluid turbulence providing additional evaporative capacity
  • Available in type 304 SS or type 316 SS construction

Patented Sensi-Coil Technology

  • An innovation of the already powerful Thermal Pak II coil
  • Increases total coil surface area by 20%
  • Features EVAPCO’s patented CrossCool Internal Tube Enhancement, reducing refrigerant charge
  • Pneumatically tested at 400 psig under water to ensure integrity
  • Hot-dip galvanized for industrial strength corrosion protection

EvapPak Fill

  • Constructed of inert polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Resistant to rot or decay
  • Capable of water temperatures up to 130ºF
  • Flame spread rating of 5 per ASTM-E84-81a

Drift Eliminators

  • Limits the drift rate to less than 0.001% of the recirculating water rate
  • Limit the potential of spreading Legionella
  • Constructed of an inert polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Superior Air Inlet Louver and Screen Design

  • Constructed of an inert polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Two pass design that minimizes splash-out and the potential for algae formation inside the tower

Pressurized Water Distribution System

EVAPCO's Zero Maintenance ZMII spray nozzle remains clog free while providing even and constant water distribution, providing the industry's best performing non-corrosive, maintenance-free water distribution system.

  • ZMII spray nozzles have a 1-1/4' diameter opening and a 1-1/4' splash plate clearance
  • Mounted in corrosion-free PVC water distribution pipes that have threaded end caps
  • Provides unequaled coil coverage and scale prevention

Stainless Steel Water Touch Basin

  • Available in Type 304 or Type 316 Stainless Steel
  • Includes the entire basin area including the support columns
  • Welded basin seams for leak-free operation

Stainless Steel Casing & Fan Section

  • Available in Type 304 or Type 316 Stainless Steel
  • Includes the entire upper section

Stainless Steel Thermal-Pak II® Coil and Patented Sensi - Coil® Technology

  • Available in Type 304 or Type 316 Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Coils provide Superior corrosion resistance for hostile environments and is available with the standard EVAPCO lead time! The Evapco 304 SST coil option can be manufactured as an ASME coil.


Manufactured using EVAPCO's patented elliptical tube Sensi-Coil® design upgraded to Xtra Tough construction featuring: Xtra Durability, Xtra Corrosion Resistance, and an Xtra long 5 YEAR coil warranty as standard. 

  • Manufactured from type 304L Stainless Steel

FACTORY-MOUNTED Water Treatment Systems

Available with FACTORY-MOUNTED water treatment systems, providing environmentally sensitive alternatives for treating water in evaporative cooled equipment.

  • SmartShield solid chemical water treatment system
  • Pulse-Pure CHEMICAL-FREE water treatment system

Maintenance Accessories

Available with multiple equipment options to aid in the maintenance of the condenser.

  • External Service Platform
  • Ladder
  • Perimeter Handrails
  • Internal Walkway
  • Internal Drive Platform
  • Sump Sweeper Piping

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