EvapTech, Inc.

- Model EX Series - Cross-Flow Cooling Towers


An EvapTech EX Cooling Tower is an induced draft, crossflow tower custom designed to meet our customers' requirements for cost, footprint, power consumption and pumphead. Browse the sections to the right for more information on the important details of an EvapTech Series EX Cooling Tower. For even more person service, especially about how we can meet your specific cooling tower requirements,

The Series EX offers the following features and customer benefits:

Series EX Features

  • Flexible Tower and Piping Configurations
  • Opti-Bar Splash Fill System
  • Fire Retardant FRP or Treated Wood Structures
  • Low Drift Emmissions

Customer Benefits

  • Customize to Satisfy Your Physical and Economic Requirements
  • Superior Thermal Performance
  • Choose from Low Flame Spread Fiberglass or Treated Wood for Extended Service Life
  • Eliminator Designs for the Most demanding Drift Requirements

Series EX Tower Options

  • Customize Hardware and Coatings for Demanding Water Quality Including Brackish Water
  • Tower and Equipment Access Choices including Stairways, Platforms, and Ladders
  • Permanent and Portable Equipment Handling Systems
  • Bypass Systems for Cold Weather Start-Up and Operation
  • Fire and Lightning Protection Systems
  • Distribution Basin Protective Covers
  • Vibration and Low Oil Level Switches

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