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- Model EGH-Pest - Groundwater Hydrophilic Pesticides Sampler



The main characteristics of EGH-Pest are the same as EWH-Pest, they differ only in size. The size of EGH-Pest is 30cm x 5 cm.


  • A time-integrated monitoring tool for sampling bioavailable contaminants in the aquatic environment
  • Detects hotspots, sources, fate and transport of contaminants, as well as their presence and environmental effects
  • The POCIS provides a highly reproducible means for monitoring polar organic chemical (POC) levels, and is largely unaffected by many environmental stressors that affect biomonitoring organisms
  • The high water solubility of POCs makes their extraction and detection difficult, particularly in episodic events. POCIS provides a reproducible method for concentrating ultra-trace POCs
  • The most sensitive technique that could replace bioindicators
  • POCIS mimics the respiratory exposure of aquatic organisms
  • The POCIS enables in situ concentration of trace organic contaminant mixtures for toxicity assessment and toxicity identification evaluation (TIE) studies.


The POCIS consists of a solid material (sorbent) contained between two microporous membranes. Two configurations of the POCIS are commonly used.  A 'Generic' (pesticide) configuration contains a mixture of three sorbent materials and is used for most pesticides, natural and synthetic hormones, many wastewater-related chemicals, and other water-soluble organic chemicals. The 'Pharmaceutical' configuration contains a single sorbent designed for sampling most pharmaceutical classes.


  • Detection level: method-specific
  • Selectivity: truly dissolved concentrations of hydrophilic compounds with r\,„ values
  • ranging from 0 to 3
  • Salinity range: the system is unaffected by salt concentration
  • Operating temperature range: 0-50 °C
  • Electrical: no power required
  • Dimensions of standart POCIS disk:
    • diameter: 10 cm
    • thickness: 0.6 cm
    • opening for sequestration media: 5.4 cm
    • amount of sequestering media: 0.200g +/- 0.004g
    • total weight of POCIS disk: 175 g


Efficiency. No need to make multiple worksite visits to change sampling media; 30-day sampling can be done with just ONE sampler

Economy. No additional equipment needed for sampling. POCIS offers full-shift to 30-day sampling; you only need one sampler for a TWA sample, and one sampler means only one analysis.

Acceptance of the POCIS Technology
POCIS device has been used by governmental agencies around the globe (e.g.. the UK EPA. US EPA. USGSand US Fish and Wildlife Service) for monitoring water-soluble organic contaminants. The Environmental Agency of England and Wales is using it in its National Pesticides Study. The UK Environmental agency has also begun an accreditation process for the POCIS.

Large sampling device
Description: stainless sieel device holds one or two ExposMeter Hydrophilic POCIS carriers (each of which can mount one to three ExposMeter Hydrophilic POCIS units, i.e. up to six in total) Dimensions: 30 cm high x 16 cm wide.

Small sampling device
Description: stainless steel device holds one POCIS carrier on which one to three POCIS can be mounted Dimensions: 15 cm high x 16 cm wide

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