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Our consultants are experienced in the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation and in the specific requirements of safety data sheet (SDS) authoring. REACH has introduced many changes to SDS content in Europe. A key change is the introduction of the requirement for extended-Safety Data Sheets (ext-SDS).

NCEC’s services include extended-Safety Data Sheet (ext-SDS) authoring. Our experts create ext-SDS that are compliant with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) recommended formats and easily translated into the languages you require.

A key part of the REACH registration process is to compile a chemical safety report (CSR) for each substance that is placed on the European market in quantities of 10 tonnes or more per year. If the substance is hazardous, then the CSR must contain an exposure scenario (ES).

An ES results from communication up and down the supply chain. They allow manufacturers/importers to communicate how products are used (occupational conditions) and the protective measures that downstream users should consider to ensure that they are using substances safely (risk management measures).

Once an ES has been produced, it is a further requirement to communicate the information through the supply chain. The method used to do this is to add an ES to the SDS – converting it to an ext-SDS.

As the first REACH registration deadline passed at the end of 2010, many substances now have an ES, resulting in the current challenge of passing these documents through the supply chain. An ES is a detailed and often lengthy document. As a result, we  now have the significant challenge of authoring this information in the SDS and to ensure that it is translated into the required languages.

People who need to ensure that the ext-SDS information is communicated through the supply chain include:

  • Registrants placing a substance on the EU market.
  • Downstream users formulating substances into a mixture.
  • Distributors.

As the REACH registration process continues, more and more substances will have an ES. Therefore, the need to communicate this information using the ext-SDS will increase, presenting a significant challenge to EHS professionals. Through our ext-SDS authoring service, we can help you meet this challenge and ensure that you are complying with the latest European legislation.

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