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The Filterhawk Ambient Tower Collector is the latest addition to Diversitech’s series of Filterhawk Cartridge Dust Collectors. Designed to collect and sequester hazardous dust, smoke, fumes and other airborne particulates, the Filterhawk Ambient Tower Collector pulls contaminated shop air through high-efficiency Nanofiber filters, and returns filtered, clean air back into your facility. This solution eliminates the need for venting outdoors, which causes negative air pressure, and saves cooling and/or heating costs by recycling and retaining temperature-conditioned air.

The Filterhawk Ambient Tower Collector includes a self-cleaning filter system and can be fitted with a hopper and dust collection drum, making it the lowest maintenance ambient air cleaner in the industry.

Available in 4,500 CFM or 6,000 CFM versions, with wall mount or ceiling mount, and optional remote mounted controls, the Filterhawk Ambient Tower Collector is the ideal solution for any application where capture-at-source isn’t practical.

  • Self-cleaning Filtration System
  • High Efficiency Nanofiber Filter Media (MERV 15 rated)
  • Multiple Mounting Configurations
  • 4, 6 or 8 Cartridges
  • Carbon Steel Welded Construction 11 ga./ 14 ga.
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Base Unit Includes Collector, Blower, Dust Tray & Motor Starter
  • Compressed Air Manual Reverse Jet Pulse Cleaning 1.5” Valves
  • Self Contained Blower 4,500 cfm or 6,000 cfm
  • Motors 7.5HP (4,500 cfm) or 10HP (6,000 cfm) 230/460v/3ph/60hz
  • Sound Rating 78 dBA @ 5 feet / 80 dBA @ 5 feet / 82 dBA @ 5 feet

  • Dust Hopper & Drum Kit
  • Dirty Filter Alert
  • Remote Mounted Controls
  • Wall Mount Bracket
  • Ceiling Mount Kit

  • Welding Smoke & Fumes
  • Grinding, Buffing & Polishing Dust
  • Grinding Composites & Plastics
  • Handling of Dry Powders
  • Packaging, Blending or Weighing
  • Wood Sawing, Sanding or Finishing
  • Oil Mist & Smoke from Machining

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