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Filtration Systems for Energy



Filtration Systems are used to remove physical impurities such as sediment turbidity, suspended solids, colour, odour and smell. Filters remove particules/sediments with various sizes and density by holding them with different media layers inside the tank. Filters are backwashed automatically in order to remove these particules/sediments from the filter bed.

  • FRP / Epoxy Painted Carbon Steel Tanks
  • 2 - 6 Bar Operating Pressure
  • Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valves
  • PVC / Galvanized Face Piping
  • PLC Control Panel
  • Anthracite, Sand and Graded Gravel Media for Multi Media Filters
  • Graded Gravel and Granular Activated Carbon Media for Activated Carbon Filters
  • Standart Products up to 130 m3/h Capacity

  • Various velocity rates for different feed water quality
  • SDI, Turbidity, Total Suspended Solids, Organic Matter, Total Iron and Manganese values in feed water
  • Chemical dosing systems according to different feed water quality

  • Pre Treatment of process water
  • Pre Treatment of boiler make up
  • Filtration of cooling tower make up
  • Filtration of condensate

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