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S. Houtris & Sons Ltd Fire Fighting Trucks are custom designed for forestry or Fire Brigade department as well as terrain that is difficult to access. Houtris improved their Fire Fighting Trucks as a complete product using and applying latest technology equipment and accessories. Components like extinguishing tank, pump system as well as equipment compartments with corresponding equipment are built on a single-tire, very all-terrain, all-wheel chassis body.

Houtris supplying through public tenders a variety of modern designs. A special design and manufacturing of latest ultramodern Fire Fighting trucks delivered to Cyprus Forest Department. The Fire Fighting Truck, model SHFF/5V, was given the name “Agrino” and have strengthen the Fleet of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment.

Houtris improved their Fire Fighting Trucks as a complete product using and applying latest technology equipment and accessories. Manufactured to comply with EU Standards, “Agrino” fulfilled all the requirements and needs in the Fire Fighting field.

Fire Fighting Trucks called “Agrino” have been install on IVECO EUROCARGO 150E28W, 4X4, resulting to a complete powerful product!

The Fire Fighting Trucks Impresses with:

  • Reliable and safe in operation
  • Robust lightweight construction
  • High degree of safety on difficult to access terrain
  • Lower center of gravity
  • Pump & roll operation during extinguishing process

Main Features:

Specification of the Fire Fighting Trucks:

  • Design according to the latest edition of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Low sound levels
  • Ergonomic foot-step
  • Equipped with Color Rear view System (optional)
  • On ergonomic position, a water tank is installed for workers
  • Pump engagement directly from cab or rear cabinet

Structure of the Fire Fighting Trucks:

  • Steel frame body with aluminum roller shutter and cabinets
  • Multi-chamber , Galvanized steel of capacity 5000litres
  • Multi-stage centrifugal pump (up to 5000rpm)
  • Normal Pressure (NP):  3500 L/min @ 10 BAR,
  • High Pressure (HP):  600 L/min @ 40 BAR
  • Equipped with foam proportional valve.
  • Roof Monitor with turntable base made by light alloy
  • The base allows 360° horizontal rotation and -50° up to +80° vertical elevation.
  • The monitor can be used either with water or with water/foam.
  • A pressure manometer is mounted on the body of the monitor itself, to have an immediate control of pressure during operation.
  • Output is selectable at 800, 1200, 1600 and 2400 liters/minute through the special nozzle head up to 70m.
  • Two (2) high pressure hose reels with electrical rewind system, equipped with a 60 M, dia. 25 MM non collapsible hose
  • Wheel nozzles for tire protection

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