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- Galvanized Steel Silos



High quality silos, installed by BAUER feature: 30° roof for easier run-down of water and dust. Feeding hopper 45, 60 and 67° for easy outlet. High tolerances provide absolute water tightness. Corrugated sheet provides quality protection of feed against temperature influence. Mechanic and pneumatic filling. Access ladder with a basket. Assess hatch on top. Stock-level viewing windows in wall.

Bauer Technics fulfils the above requirements and thanks to this have successfully realised a number of projects such as reconstruction of farms and stables, as well as the construction of new 'Greenfield site' farms not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.  Regarding the high level and efficiency of a farm is very often decided by solutions of the smallest detail.
The professional approach of BAUER TECHNICS has always guaranteed the satisfaction of our clients.

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