Flexus Balasystem AB

- Model Typhoon - Biomass and Wood chip Baling and Wrapping System


Flexus balers are designed, engineered and manufactured for industrial-scale heavy-duty applications, to compact and wrap a wide range of waste materials incl.  MSW, RDF, C & I, biomass, ASR, pulp etc   The Typhoon is a fully automatic mobile high-capacity baler, processing up to 40 bales/hour.   Ideal for general MSW baling, landfill and transfer station applications; bale transport is via standard trucks, containers, ships and rail carts.

Applications: MSW baling, RDF baling, Waste Transfer Station,Baling System, Bale Wrapping, Waste transport, MSW system & Mobile baler

The small footprint of this combined baling & wrapping system (17.6 m x 7.6 m ) and its low operational height (5 m), plus a mere max 8 hour installation time, make for flexibility and easy deployment.

The Typhoon has an extremely low power consumption 30 - 40 kW = approx. 1.3 kW/hr.  Installation time is max. 1 working day, generally no civil works are required.  Significantly low O&M costs, operates via a 150 kVA generator or the main grid, one connection only.

Flexus bales are wrapped with HDPE agricultural-type netting and LLDPE stretch foil, therefore fully incinerable. Flexus-wrapped anerobe bales are fire-proof, with significantly low odours, preventing bird and windfly.

The high compaction ratio produces solid bales that can be stacked safely to great heights and can optimise landfill space by 40% and double landfill life spans.

The Flexus integrated baling & wrapping technology is mounted on two hook-lift frames, and is therefore easy to transport using hook lift trucks, alternatively on flatbed trailers.

Flexus balers are built to last …operational life spans of 20 years are not uncommon.

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