JSF Hidraulica

JSF Hidraulica

- Potable Water Conservation System



Water is a vital resource for humans and the right to safe drinking water and sanitation is officially recognized by various international organizations. Among the activities that ensure access to drinking water are the construction of reservoirs, treatment plants, water purification units,  and distribution networks. FLOATEC floating covers offer an ideal solution for the coverage of potable water tanks. Sealable geomembranes made of polypropylene reinforced with polyester mesh are used in the manufacture of floating covers.

The membrane is specially designed to have a lifespan of 20-30 years.
Once the water has been treated is important to prevent changes in the water composition before being supplied to consumers. Floating covers prevent chlorine loss by volatilization and protect the water from airborne dust, bird droppings, dead animals, pollen, etc...

Weather conditions can adversely affect the operation of water reservoirs, mainly water loss by evaporation in arid climates. Evaporation rates are directly affected by the area of the reservoir, moisture, wind and temperature. The covers prevent evaporation by reducing the area of water surface in contact with air.Furthermore, sunlight can cause the growth of algae.

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