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- Model B - Powdered Reactivated Carbon



FLUEPAC-B is a powdered reactivated carbon produced from bituminous coal specifically for use in flue gas treatment applications. Its surface area and pore volume make it very effective in removing many flue gas contaminants.

  • Large number of high energy adsorption pores
  • Good transport pore structure
  • Completely devolatilized bituminous coal-based material

  • High adsorption capacity for many pollutants
  • Effluent mercury levels can be reduced by over 95 percent
  • Rapid adsorption kinetics lead to low required contact times
  • Product has a high ignition temperature which permits use over a wide temperature range. Safe bulk storage

Added Benefits
Existing combustion or incineration systems can be quickly and inexpensively retrofitted to permit the addition of FLUEPAC-B powdered activated carbon. Operation is simple, reliable, and cost-effective. Utility requirements are low.

Packaging (Net Weight)
50 pound kraft bag
1.000 pound super sack
Bulk Truck

Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) injection is currently recognized as the Best Available Control Technology (BACT) by the EPA for mercury removal in flue gas. FLUEPAC-B is a specially designed reactivated carbon ideally suited for the cost-effective removal of mercury, dioxins, and furans from flue gas. By injecting FLUEPAC,H-B directly into the flue gas stream, many contaminants can be captured. Removal of FLUEPAC-B is easily accomplished via the use of the existing particulate matter device and can typically be landfilled with the ash as nonhazardous. Although removal efficiencies depend on contaminant concentration, temperature, and available contact time, mercury levels in treated flue gas of 0.5 ug/Nm3 and dioxin levels of 0.01 µg/Nm' have been demonstrated. Since FLUEPAC-B is a completely devolatilized bituminous coal-based product, its use results in consistent low-level flue gas emissions over a wide temperature range. Typical bulk density is 25-30 Ib./ft3.

Some typical mercury and dioxin control applications for FLUEPAC,M-B include:

  • Municipal Waste Combustors
  • Hazardous Waste Combustors
  • Hospital Waste Incinerators
  • Coal-fired Power Plants
  • Cement Kilns
  • Industrial Boilers

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