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Flush for Free Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting System



A stainless steel pump will sit in any of the RainCatcher tanks and will deliver rainwater on demand to a specifically designed, fully approved lot tank. The rainwater is delivered by gravity to the required supply such as toilets, washing machine or outside tap. In the case where there is no rainwater available, or a power failure, the loft tank will fill up with potable water to continue the supply.

Meets regulations of BS 8515.

Our innovative ‘Flush for Free’ above ground rainwater harvesting systems include the following:

  • 750L Rainwater Tank or 200L Wall Mounted Designer Water Butt
  • RainCatcher Filter Diverter
  • Ebara Best One Submersible Pump w/ Tube Float
  • RainCatcher Specialist A30 Header Tank
  • 25m of 25mm Black & Green WRAS Approved MDPE Rainwater Supply Pipe
  • Rondo Water Pillar w/ Tap
  • RainCatcher Labelling Kit

Both the RainCatcher 750L and 200L are new from summer 2012. Designed and manufactured by Combined Harvesters Ltd in the UK. They are ideal for a variety of above ground rainwater harvesting system uses. More information can be found on the links above.

Ebara Best One Stainless Steel Pump
The Best One is ideal for our gravity below or above ground rainwater harvesting systems. It is a submersible pump for areas prone to flooding, as well as pumping water for garden supply, car washing and toilet use. Their versatility allows them to be used in permanent or portable applications. The Tube Float is for shallow rainwater tanks is suctions the water from the bottom and takes longer to turn off than a Float Switch.

RainCatcher Header Tank
The A30 Header Tank System is a fully automatic rainwater header tank that works with the Best One. When the A30 gets low its built in Float Switch will send power to the pump and top the header tank up with rainwater. This happens automatically unless there is no water in the main tank.

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