Forrec srl

- Model TB 1000 - Electric Primary Double Shaft Shredder



The double shaft shredder are projected to provide a precise volumetric reduction, with partial control of the output fraction. The treatment without screen allows high material flows.

  • Low number of rotations (10-12 rpm)
  • Dual shaft system with independent engines and reducers
  • Configurable automatic gear reversal
  • Bearings outside of the cutting chamber
  • Automatic greasing managed by PLC
  • Use of high quality steels
  • Configurable blades for thickness and number of teeth

Overall Dimensions:
3000 x 1000 mm H=2500 mm

electric .

Cutting chamber dimensions:
660 x 1020 mm


2250 kg

Blade thickness:
30 mm / 50 mm

Motor drive:
2x11 kW / 2x15 kW

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Automobile tyres
  • Paper/cardboard
  • Electrical Wires

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