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Rod mills are classified into dry type and wet type. Fote Machinery uses the advanced technology of controlled feeding and discharging, equips with suitable grinding body according to the actual grinding material, which changes the traditional surface contact into line contact so that the discharging size is more even and the yield is higher.

  • Production capacity: 0.62–180 t/h
  • Feeding granularity: ≤25–≤50 mm

Discharging size : 0.833–0.147 mm

Why Choose Us?

  • 1. Grinding media can contact with the ore in a line way in the grinding process. Therefore, rod mill can grind materials selectively.
  • 2. The particle size is relatively uniform and there are few over crushed particles.
  • 3. The processing capacity of rod mill is bigger than ball mill for the coarse crushing on the same specifications, and vice versa.

Grinding rod mill is widely used in industries which have a high requirement on the uniformity of the finished materials, such as refractory, chemical industry, metallurgy, glass and other industries. Rod mill is also used in sand making industries in recent years.

Rod mill makes tube run with the help of the reduction gears drove by dynamo or the low speed synchronization electrical machine. There are steel balls in the tube which are thrown at a certain high speed by centrifugal and friction force and then fall down. The grinded material enters into the tube continuously and is crushed by the moving steel balls. After that, they are discharged from the machine naturally and will start the following working process next.

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