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Integrated Water Technoloiges was founded to create water remediation technologies to help develop natural gas as a clean and abundant green energy source for the future. We developed FracPure specifically for the natural gas industry, providing a proven solution to the industry’s largest obstacle: Hydraulic Fracturing or Frac Water Management.

The natural gas drilling process hydraulic fracturing or fraccing creates 2 major water management challenges.

  • Supplying 4-6 million gallons of fresh water for each well. This water is currently being drawn from local rivers, lakes and streams, negatively impacting water resources.
  • The disposal and handling of flowback and produced water.

Our patented process, FracPure is a revolutionary 'cradle to grave' solution which environmentally and cost effectively solves both of these problems, while yielding beneficial salt products and distilled water. FracPure water distillate is safe to return to the environment and exceeds all EPA and State environmental regulatory agency drinking water standards.

FracPure Solution
FracPure is the World’s only complete water management solution for the natural gas industry.

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