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Hangzhou Sino-Holding Chemicals Co., Ltd. (FCC)

- Model 6650 - Solvent Based Anti-Sagging Agent


FRGEL 6650is a special polyamide wax, designed for various of solvent based paints and coatings, provide excellent thickening, pigment anti-settling and anti-sagging function, also enhance flake orientation of metallic and pearlescent pigments in formulation.

  • Acrylic resin paints
  • Unsaturated polyester paints
  • Chlorinated rubber paints
  • Epoxy resin paints
  • Vinyl resin paints
  • Asphalt & Tar Coatings
  • Acrylic/melamines
  • Adhesive& Sealant

Typical Properties:

  • composition: polyamide wax
  • appearance: white to slight yellow paste
  • non-volatile content: 20% by wt.
  • solvent: xylene /ethanol/methanol
  • melting point: 125ºC
  • flash point: 16ºC

FRGEL Additives including a range of natural additives, synthetic additives and suspension agents. Anti-settling additives and suspension agents are frequently used in industrial solvent borne coatings and they play a crucial role in sag control and pigment suspension. Suspension agents have the adding benefit of being able to do this without increasing the application viscosity.

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