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The FSM skimmer was developed to deal with particular problems arising in sedimentation tanks and activated sludge tanks.Conventional systems involve the circulation of very large quantities of water. This not only raises costs through frequent pumping but can also have adverse effects on subsequent sludge treatment. The patented skimmer system from FSM concentrates the sludge in the tank and you can decide what consistency of sludge you want to achieve – leading to high performance coupled with low operating costs.

Floating sludge is gathered by a screw conveyor  and delivered to a collection tank. Here the floating sludge is collected, concentrated and pumped out at intervals. The total system is designed to accommodate variations in the water level of up to 200 mm without difficulty.  The entire system is not affected by wind, currents and external influences.

Applications in municipal and industrial clarification plant
• secondary sedimentation tanks
• primary settling tanks
• activated sludge tanks
• rectangular tanks
• circular tanks

Applications in the paper and cellulose industry
• removal of floating sludge in the paper and beverage industries

Industrial applications
• in all sectors where floating matter arises on the surface of the water, e.g. secondary sedimentation tanks in the paper and beverage industries

• High reliability through robust construction
• Large quantities of floating sludge in can be discharged without difficulty
• Even thick layers of floating sludge are no problem for this unit
• Can be used in rectangular or circular tanks
• In the case of large tanks/quantities of floating sludge, the container is fed by two screw conveyors
• Excellent cost/performance ratio
• Low maintenance costs
• Can be retrofitted to existing rotating scraper bridges
• Easily adapted to suit changed operating conditions
• Can be provided as a mobile unit

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