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- Model 5690 - Balers


The Gallignani 5690 balers are one of the most balanced solutions in terms of productivity, robustness and maneuvrability in all work environments. These machines were designed specifically for large fields, professional users, contractors and farms of large sizes, and their dimensions allow road haulage without special permits. The 5690 baler range is one of the biggest successes of Gallignani company since many years thanks to an excellent mix of performance and technical solutions that provide excellent ease of use and maintenance and unparalleled durability.

The standard machines are already rich of useful features, but a wide choice of optional accessories is also available, like the centralized lubrication system for the knotter, the electric bale counter, the hydraulic pick-up lift and the adjustable drawbars of mechanic or hydraulic types. The machines can also be equipped with a humidity sensor with carry-on display to constantly monitor the conditions of the agricultural product.

  • Recommended tractor engine power: 50 cv

Performance (approximate for 1m long bales, in ideal work conditions): 

  • Bale weight - Straw: 20-25 kg
  • Bale weight - Hay: 25-35 kg
  • Productivity: 500 bales / hour


  • Picking width including flap: 180 cm
  • Net pick-up width (wall-to-wall): 158 cm
  • Picking system: 5 bars with 21 teeth
  • Hydraulic adjustment of pick-up height: Optional
  • Sensing wheel (RH side): Standard
  • TPP straw chopper: Optional

Compression chamber and tail: 

  • Bale section: 36x46 cm
  • Ram travel and strokes/min (at 610 PTO rpm): 73 cm / 104 spm
  • Hydraulic adjustment of bale density: N.A.
  • Humidity sensor with carry-on display: Optional


  • Knotter types: 2 twines, 3 twines or 2 wires
  • Night light: Optional
  • Centralized knotter lubrication system: Optional, oil type
  • Automatic lubrication system with electric pump: N.A.
  • Double knotter fan: Standard


  • Fixed: Standard
  • Mechanical adjustment: Optional
  • Hydraulic adjustment: Optional


  • Knotter and first fork: Chain
  • Pick-up: Belt
  • Cardan shaft: Included
  • Wide angle cardan shaft: Standard
  • Double cardan shaft: Optional
  • Twine box: 8 reels


  • Road lights: Optional
  • Mechanical bale counter: Standard
  • Electric bale counter: Optional
  • Rear axle steel roller: Optional
  • Skids: Optional

Dimensions and weights: 

  • Width: 250 cm
  • Length: 511 cm
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Wheel size LH: 10.0/75-15
  • Wheel size RH: 10.0/80-12
  • Weight: 1.800 kg

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